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Periodontal (gum) disease is a common condition that causes bone and tooth loss. Fortunately, its earliest stages (gingivitis) are almost always reversible. But as gingivitis goes untreated, it can lead to periodontal infections deeper into the gums and surrounding structures.


Symptoms of Periodontal disease

Some of the symptoms that Periodontal disease can cause are; bad breath, gum recession ("long teeth"), detachment of the gums, creating deep “pockets” around each tooth, bleeding, swelling along the gumlines, loose teeth, and bone loss as visible on dental X-rays.

Why Does Treatment for Gum Disease Matter So Much?

Advanced gum disease isn’t just a risk to your smile, it’s dangerous to your overall health. Untreated bacterial infections such as periodontitis can significantly increase your likelihood of suffering from medical problems like diabetes, infertility, heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, and many others.

Keep Your Smile for Life

The goal of gum disease treatment is to save your natural teeth and reduce the level of bacterial infection that’s active inside of your body. As your oral health improves, other medical conditions become easier to manage.

Types of Periodontics in Boerne, TX

During your checkup and cleaning, we’ll carefully assess your mouth for signs of gum disease. If present, we will recommend a series of therapeutic deep cleanings to remove the calcified bacteria from under your gums, so that healing can take place. We’ll also show you how to clean these areas to reduce advancement of disease and aid in recovery.

Depending on your response to treatment, other gum therapies may be needed, such as:

  • Dental implants
  • Bone grafting
  • Gingival (Gum) grafting
  • Laser therapy
  • Crown lengthening and pocket reduction
  • Locally placed antibiotics
  • Surgery with a specialist

Periodontal Gallery

Case #1 - Before
Case #1 - After
Case #2 - Before
Case #2 - After
Case #3 - Before
Case #3 - After
Case #4 - Before
Case #4 - After

If you suspect you have periodontal disease and are looking for a periodontist in Boerne, TX, contact Complete Dental Studio to schedule a simple gum health exam. We’ll share all of our findings with you so that you can make an educated decision about the future of your smile! Call now.

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