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Tooth Extractions and Wisdom Tooth Removal

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The vast majority of patients and dentists would probably agree that it’s always preferable to save your natural teeth whenever possible. But in those instances when that can’t be done, The Dentist and Dr. Alghadban may recommend that a tooth be extracted. This is often the case with wisdom teeth, for example, which is why we are pleased to offer our Boerne, TX, patients tooth extractions and wisdom tooth removal services.

Types of Tooth Extraction

Generally speaking, The Dentist or Dr. Alghadban will perform one of two types of tooth extractions:

  • Simple Extraction – Performed when the tooth has already erupted through the gum tissue.
  • Surgical Extraction – Performed when the tooth has not yet erupted through the gum tissue and requires that a small incision in the gums be made to extract the tooth.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

“Wisdom teeth” is the name given for a third set of molars that erupt behind a person’s adult molars and are located at the far back of the mouth. Not everyone gets wisdom teeth, but those that do will need enough room inside their mouths to accommodate those extra teeth. If there’s not room enough, a variety of problems may arise, including developing an “impacted” wisdom tooth. Impacted teeth are those that have one or more of the following issues:
  • The tooth does not completely erupt through the gums
  • The tooth comes in at an angle
  • The tooth is angled toward an existing adult molar
  • The tooth comes in at an angle toward the back of the mouth
Left untreated, an impacted tooth can be painful and cause damage to other teeth, as well as develop an infection or damage bone tissue. Often, the best way to treat an impacted wisdom tooth is to extract it.

Dr. Al provides both simple and surgical extractions of wisdom teeth for our patients. Prior to having a wisdom tooth extraction procedure, we will schedule an appointment for an exam and x-rays so that Dr. Al can evaluate everything about the patients’ situation such as addressing an active infection if present, determining if it will be a simple extraction or more complicated, how much time will be needed for surgery, spend time answering any questions the patient may have, and more. Removing wisdom teeth is a common procedure that many people have done; however, it does require a doctor with special training. We are proud to provide the Boerne community with quality dental care from Dr. Al, who has extensive training and experience in even the most challenging surgical cases of wisdom tooth removal. Your health and comfort are always a priority at Complete Dental Studio!

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