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Lingual Braces In Boerne TX

Lingual Braces Complete Dental Studio

The world of orthodontic treatments has made tremendous strides in recent years, providing patients with an array of options, including lingual braces, when it comes to providing them with a straighter, beautiful smile. Dr. Katie Vo, a seasoned orthodontist in Boerne TX, recognizes that every individual’s needs and preferences are different. To ensure that her patients receive the best possible care and oral health, Dr. Vo is dedicated to providing a wide range of alternative treatment methods to our local community.

Among the various treatment options available today, one that has gained significant popularity in recent years is lingual braces. Unlike traditional braces that are affixed to the front of the teeth, lingual braces are placed on the inside surface of the teeth, making them practically invisible from the outside.

Lingual braces work by using a system of wires and brackets that apply gentle pressure to the teeth to gradually shift them into their desired positions. Since lingual braces are custom-fitted to each patient’s individual teeth, they are often considered more comfortable. Furthermore, lingual braces can be just as effective as traditional braces in treating a range of orthodontic issues, such as crowded teeth, gaps, and misaligned bites, leaving you with straighter teeth.

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What Are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces are very similar to traditional metal braces with one important exception: lingual braces are attached to the back side of teeth instead of the front side. They work in the same way as traditional braces – by applying constant, gentle pressure on the teeth over the course of many months, encouraging the teeth to move into straighter positions. The timeframe for lingual braces is also similar to regular metal braces, ranging from 18 to 36 months.

The Procedure Involved in Getting Lingual Braces

General dentistry Complete Dental Studio Lingual Braces In Boerne TX

Initial Consultation: Your orthodontist Dr. Katie Vo will first perform a comprehensive evaluation to assess the location of your teeth, the shape of your jaw, and the health of your gums. During the visit, they will take X-rays and impressions of your teeth.

Preparation: After examining your teeth, your orthodontist will decide if lingual braces are a good option for you. If so, they will begin the preparation work. This includes preparing a customized appliance, fixing brackets to your teeth, and making sure the fit is comfortable.

Adjustment: After the braces are in place, your orthodontist will adjust the tension and make sure the fit is comfortable. They will also provide instructions for proper care and cleaning.

Follow-up: During your treatment, you will need to visit your orthodontist for regular follow-up visits. During these visits, they will check the fit of the braces and make any necessary adjustments.

Removal: After your braces are removed, your orthodontist will check your teeth and make sure they are in the correct position. You may need to wear a retainer for a period of time to help keep your teeth in the right place.

INBRACE Lingual Braces

At Complete Dental Studio, we use INBRACE lingual braces. There are several reasons why this teeth-straightening method has gained popularity. The biggest advantage of lingual braces, as you might guess, is that they’re not visible to other people. INBRACE Smartwires make it possible for the wearer to brush and floss as he or she normally would, as opposed to traditional braces, which often require specialized oral hygiene instruments and a certain level of extra effort to thoroughly clean the teeth and gums. And, unlike some other lingual braces, INBRACE is surprisingly affordable.

Of course, lingual braces may not be the right choice for everyone. After performing an oral exam, Dr. Vo can tell you whether you’re a good candidate for this teeth-straightening method, and give you a customized treatment plan.

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Call today and get started with braces for only $199 down and $149 per month. In addition, you will get a free orthodontic evaluation.

Call today and get started with braces for only $199 down and $149 per month. In addition, you will get a free orthodontic evaluation.