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The Dentist and our staff at Complete Dental Studio know how life-changing a new set of dentures can be for our patients in the Boerne, TX, area. And today’s dentures are more comfortable and durable than ever before. Whether you need a full set of dentures or a partial denture, The Dentist has the experience necessary to make sure your dentures fit comfortably and securely for many years to come.

Types of Dentures

Most of us have heard of full dentures and partial dentures. A full denture is one that completely replaces all of the patient’s teeth. And, just as the name implies, a partial denture replaces just a few missing teeth.

But you may not know that there are two other categories of dentures – conventional versus immediate — and it all has to do with when The Dentist fits the patient with the new dentures.

  • Conventional dentures: People who have already lost their teeth will be fitted with a conventional set of dentures. These appliances are fitted onto the patient’s fully healed gum tissue.
  • Immediate dentures: People who need to have their teeth extracted have another option – immediate dentures. These appliances are fitted on the patient’s gums immediately after the teeth are extracted and before the gums have a chance to heal. While this style of denture means that the patient doesn’t have to live without teeth after they are extracted, immediate dentures usually have to be adjusted and relined since the shape of the gum tissue changes as it heals.

To find out more about the different types of dentures, schedule an appointment with The Dentist for a consultation. She can provide more information regarding not only the advantages and disadvantages of conventional versus immediate dentures; she can also explain how long it will take to become accustomed to your new dentures and precautions you’ll need to take during the first few weeks you wear your new dental appliance.

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