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Emergency Dentist

Life can be anything but predictable. If the unexpected happens to you or a member of your family, we’re here to help. The Dentist and our staff at Complete Dental Studio offer emergency treatments for a variety of dental problems that can take you by surprise. From a broken tooth to an abscessed molar, we’ll do our very best to schedule your appointment as soon as possible. We’re pleased to offer emergency treatments to our patients from throughout the Boerne, TX, area.

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We are proud of the team we have built, and strive to provide exceptional value to our patients and the community we serve.
– Dr. Alghadban
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How to Know if You Need Emergency Treatment

We consider a wide variety of problems to be emergency situations. Knocked out teeth, broken teeth, teeth that have been chipped, loose teeth, or an infected tooth and/or gum tissue might all be considered dental emergencies.

As is almost always the case with any type of medical or dental emergencies, chances are you’ll be in some amount of pain if you experience this type of situation. That’s why we go out of our way to make sure that you get into see The Dentist as quickly as possible – typically on the same day you call in if we can manage it. But if you have some type of dental emergency when we are not available, we strongly encourage you to call 911 and/or visit your local emergency room. Remember that dental emergencies won’t heal themselves on their own, and the longer you wait, the more extensive the treatment procedure may be. So if you experience an emergency, don’t hesitate to call our office (or 911) as quickly as possible.

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