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Traditional Orthodontics In Boerne, TX

There is a good reason why traditional metal braces are still commonly used to straighten teeth: they are extremely effective and work for a large variety of dental issues. That’s why Dr. Katie Vo often recommends this traditional orthodontics method for her young and adult patients from throughout the Boerne, TX, area.

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What Makes Metal Braces so Effective

Traditional metal braces are the most common type of orthodontic treatment used to straighten teeth and correct malocclusion, leaving you with a confident smile. They consist of brackets that are cemented onto the front of each tooth and connected by a metal archwire. The archwire is then adjusted by the orthodontist to exert pressure on the teeth, gradually moving them into the desired position. Traditional braces may require more frequent visits to the orthodontist to have the archwire adjusted and the brackets tightened, but they are smaller and less noticeable than other types of braces.

Traditional Orthodontics CDS

Traditional braces consist of several components that work together to gradually straighten a patient’s teeth. The three main components are brackets, archwires, and ligatures.

  1. Brackets: These small, often square-shaped metal or ceramic pieces are bonded to the front of each tooth with a special dental adhesive. Brackets serve as anchors for the archwires and allow for controlled movement of the teeth.

  2. Archwires: These thin, flexible wires are attached to the brackets with small elastic ties called ligatures. As the wire is tightened, it applies gentle pressure to the teeth, gradually moving them into their proper position. Archwires can be made from a variety of materials, including nickel-titanium, stainless steel, and copper.

  3. Ligatures: These small elastic ties or rubber bands hold the archwires in place on the brackets. They come in a range of colors and can be changed at each adjustment appointment. In addition to their functional role, ligatures are often used as a way to personalize braces with color and style.

  4. Additional Appliances: In some cases, additional appliances may be necessary to help align the jaws or address other orthodontic issues. Headgear, for example, is a common appliance that is worn outside of the mouth to provide additional force to move the teeth and jaws into their desired position.

Traditional Orthodontics CDS

After our Boerne orthodontist Dr. Katie Vo fits a patient with traditional metal braces, the archwire begins to apply light, constant pressure on the teeth, forcing them to reposition. When the patient returns to our office for future periodic visits, Dr. Vo will fit the patient with varying types and sizes of the archwire, gradually increasing the pressure on the teeth to continue moving them into straighter positions.

Additionally, Dr. Vo may use other types of orthodontic appliances to help move the teeth into the desired position. These appliances may include rubber bands, headgear, palatal expanders, or other removable or fixed appliances. Dr. Vo will discuss the various options with the patient and their family to choose the best orthodontic approach and possibly incorporating accelerated orthodontics. During these visits, Dr. Vo will also check the patient’s teeth for any potential problems, like cavities or gum disease, and will make any necessary adjustments to the patient’s braces. With a combination of regular visits, careful monitoring, and constant adjustments, Dr. Vo will be able to ensure the patient’s teeth reach their desired position.

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Call today and get started with braces for only $199 down and $149 per month. In addition, you will get a free orthodontic evaluation.